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All of the documents below have been submitted to the City of Toronto as part of the Official Plan Amendment (OPA), Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) and Site Plan Approval (SPA) applications for the property. Learn more about what we are proposing below.

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Broadview & Eastern Project Vision

Application Form (OPA & ZBA)

Arborist Report (OPA & ZBA)

Architectural Plans (OPA & ZBA)

Community Consultation Meeting

Cover Letter (OPA & ZBA)

Draft Official Plan Amendment (OPA & ZBA)

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 438-86 (OPA & ZBA)

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment 569-2013 (OPA & ZBA)

Energy Strategy (OPA & ZBA)

Flood Hazard Analysis (OPA & ZBA)

Functional Servicing Report (OPA & ZBA)

Geotechnical Report (OPA & ZBA)

Housing Issues Letter (OPA & ZBA)

Hydrogeological Report (OPA & ZBA)

Land Use Compatibility Study (OPA & ZBA)

Landscape Plans (OPA & ZBA)

Natural Heritage Impact Study (OPA & ZBA)

Noise & Vibration Study (OPA & ZBA)

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (OPA & ZBA)

Planning & Urban Design Rationale (OPA & ZBA)

Preliminary Report (OPA & ZBA)

Project Data Sheet (OPA & ZBA)

Public Consultation Strategy Report (OPA & ZBA)

Rental Housing Demolition Screening Form (OPA & ZBA)

Shadow Study (OPA & ZBA)

Stormwater Management Report (OPA & ZBA)

Site Survey (OPA & ZBA)

Toronto Green Standards Checklist (OPA & ZBA)

Urban Transportation Considerations Report (OPA & ZBA)

Wind Study (OPA & ZBA)

Application Form (SPA)

Accessibility Checklist (SPA)

Arborist Report (SPA)

Architectural Plans (SPA)

Civil Drawings (SPA)

Construction Management Plan (SPA)

Energy Modelling (SPA)

Groundwater Report (SPA)

Hydrogeological Review Summary (SPA)

Hydrogeological Study (SPA)

Land Compatibility Study (SPA)

Transportation Study (SPA)

Wind Study (SPA)

Noise & Vibration Study (SPA)

Lighting Plan (SPA)

Lighting Plan - specs (SPA)

Sun Shadow Study (SPA)

Sun Shadow Checklist (SPA)

Functional Servicing Report (SPA)

Landscape Drawings (SPA)

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (SPA)

Plan of Survey (SPA)

Stormwater Management Report (SPA)

Toronto Green Standards Checklist (SPA)